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About Us

HUMANE-AID FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION (HACO) is a non-governmental Organization founded by a group of citizens who had similar views on the suffering of the people in the rural areas on 14th September 2014 and was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice, Republic of South Sudan on 17th April 2015 as a National Organization specifically for purposes of Education, General Protection, Health, WASH, SGBV, Food Security & Livelihoods. This was after the catastrophe that was caused by the civil strife that engulfed the Nation in December 2013 and led to family disintegration. The vulnerable groups were most hit because they were separated from their breadwinners. Many sought refuge with their relatives who were equally disadvantaged in terms of basic needs and therefore opinion leaders felt that there was need to begin a joint self help organization to cater for the challenges. It was formed to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable people in the Republic of South Sudan


The Vision of HACO is to create a free South Sudanese community from hunger and to be socio-economically self-reliant. To serve communities where vulnerable women, youths and men live positive and sustainable lives where child survival and education is a right.


HACO's mission is to engage itself in non-profit activities on non profit purpose. To strengthen and promote the communities' capacities through capacity building in entrepreneurial skills, engender peace and security, access to justice, inclusive education support, Hygiene, water and Sanitation, SGBV, Health and nutrition, Food Security and livelihoods.


To support the community through humanitarian aid, education both civic and formal, peaceful resolution of conflict and mobilization of resources from a wide range of sources to address the priority needs of the local population.

Core Values

Gender sensitivity Co-operation
Mutual respect and trust
Transparency and accountability
Participatory approaches in development.

Services Rendered

Contribute to eradication of SGBV issues and all forms of domestic violence.
Improvement of Water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene services.
Empowerment programs on peaceful co-existence and undertaking activities in support of the National Dialogue.
General Protection
Education including creation of girl-friendly community schools, training of teachers on pedagogical approaches, Training of Trainers in Education in Emergencies (EIE) and embarking on activities on Education for Peace.
Empowerment programs through building the capacity of the local communities on business skills and offering of manageable loan schemes for small and medium scale business activities.

Strategic Objectives

To provide legal aid to SGBV survivors and vulnerable children. To increase access to quality and safe water, sanitation and hygiene through awareness and community led management initiatives.
To contribute towards education support for youth and orphans, and strengthen local institutions capacity to reduce cases of domestic violence, Increase girl child education and build strong partnerships.
To advocate and champion peace building initiatives to reduce or eliminate tribal conflicts, cattle rustling, land disputes, revenge attacks, and tribal or clan wars and encourage harmony and co-existence among different community groups/tribes.
To empower the community through Civic education.
Provide financial assistance to people affected by any calamities with food, clothing, medication, rescue and foster opportunities.
To act as a Humanitarian Partner to International Humanitarian Organizations in the areas of Humanitarian needs implementer to implement projects of charitable value.
To support girl's education by creating and maintaining of community-based girl-friendly schools and provision of scholastic materials and dignity kits to girls, incentives to teachers and lunch programme in such schools.
Establish revolving fund scheme for supporting women in business ventures where they do periodic table-banking and given a loan to start or support businesses for economic independence.

Our Programs

Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs)

HACO seeks to strategically implement activities under the following thematic areas in line with the policies of the Republic of South Sudan. We are involved in both emergency and development programs. In emergency we focus on WASH, Health, and Education in Emergencies (EIE), SGBV issues, general protection for women, children and other vulnerable people in the community particularly the Persons with Disabilities as well as support peace building through civic education and community dialogue to mitigate conflict among the communities.

SFA1: Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

HACO Strives to offer health services to communities that are affected by Man Made or natural disasters as well as improve and sustain access to community managed Water resources, Sanitation and Hygiene services that will eventually contribute to reduction in morbidity and mortality due to WASH related diseases and ailments.

Hand washing training session in Yirol East

Wash Training Session in Rubkona County of Unity State

SFA 2: Peace campaigns, Education in emergencies, Women & Youth Empowerment and child protection interventions

Work to increase community participation and involvement to eradicate SGBV, promote peaceful co-existence, promote education services and increase access to quality welfare of both children and adolescents and especially girls, particularly those affected by conflict of different kinds and emergencies.

Distribution of Bicycles to the community peace committees in Yirol East-Panyijiar County Supported by UNDP

SFA3: Provision of Comprehensive GBV services

HACO Provides GBV prevention through community outreaches, Comprehensive GBV services to GBV survivors like case management, Access to Justice and referrals and women's group support through Livelihoods.

A women a girl friendly center in Ganyliel Payam of Panyijiar County, Unity State

SFA4: Rule of law and Human rights advocacy and enhancement

Improve Civic Education on access to justice and rule of law in the communities, Advocate for good Governance to acquire gender equality and reduce cases of gender based violence in the Communities.

Workshop about Access to Justice Program in Yambio supported by UNDP

SFA5: Food security and Livelihood interventions

HACO has revised its Humanitarian response to encourage the community to undertake rapid food production among the most vulnerable communities, the organization also advocates for the protection of their livelihoods and help to reduce the community's dependency on humanitarian aid while building their resilience.

Distribution of livelihood kits to beneficiaries in Bentiu and Rubkona

Our Partner(s)


Where We Are

HACO has its headquarters in Juba. HACO operates in Unity state, Lakes state, Jonglei, Eastern Equatoria, Upper Nile and Western Equatoria States. However, HACO is not limited to these Six States; it aims at extending its activities to other states soon in the future when the need arises.

Western Equatoria State

1. Yambio County
2. Maridi County

Central Equatoria State

1. Juba County
2. Yei County

Unity State

1. Panyijiar County
2. Mayom County
3.Rubkona County

Lakes State

1. Yirol East County
2.Yirol West County
3. Rumbek Center County

Western Bar el Ghazal State

1. Wau County
2. Jur River County


1. Pibor County

Organization Documents

Humane Aid Community Organization (HACO)'s official documents. You can download them by click on the document.


Humane-AID For Community Organization (HACO) projects photos.


HACO Hygiene promoters in Bentiu Town


Workshop on access to justice


HACO team during establishment of Borehole


Distribution of livelihood kits


Pit Latrine constructed by HACO funded by SSHF


A woman a girl friendly center


Hand washing training session


Distribution of Dignity Kits


HACO Director meeting with women

Head Office

Staff gruop photo at Head Office Juba


Women gruop photo during 16 days of activism


Rehabilitation of borehole by HACO

Key Achievements

Humane-AID For Community Organization (HACO) key achievements in 2019.

Number of WASH Beneficairies
Number of Adult WASH Beneficiaries
Number of Children WASH Beneficiaries
Number of Youth Reintegration Beneficiaries


Is to work across South Sudan where communities are suffering and recovering from disaster, conflict, post – conflict economic hardships by helping communities move rapidly from crisis to long term durable solutions and continue to provide assistance until we are no longer needed

Contact Info

Humane Aid For Community Organization (HACO).
Along American Residence Road
Juba, South Sudan
P: +211 922 226 616/ +211 912 299 937